Building a recycling environment from both quality and quantity aspects.

Achieving the industry’s top market share of handling quantity and supporting the recycling and refinement of stainless steel scraps of high quality.

Metal One Stainless Raw Materials Corporation has vast yards and a fine sorting technology of scraps. Its strength is based on the high-quality supply management of stainless steel scraps in an overwhelming handling quantity. The features of Metal One Stainless Raw Materials Corporation as a yard-based dealer are introduced below along with a wide range of handling items and content of its business.

Product line


Main steel grade

Nickel-based (SUS300 series) E.g., SUS304 (18-8 stainless steel), SUS310, and SUS316


SUS329 series (e.g., J1, J3L, and J4L)
Dual-phase stainless steel series (e.g., S2120 and S32304)
Chromium-based (SUS400 series) E.g., SUS409, 410, 430, FW
Nickel alloy scraps
E.g., pure Ni, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, and cupronickel.
Other metal scraps
E.g., titanium, cobalt, copper, aluminum, brass, carbide, and high-speed steel

We also handle scrap metals other than the above.

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stainless steel recycling flow

Life of stainless steel products

Stainless steel is characterized by its excellent corrosion resistance and durability, and widely used in various fields by taking advantage of the characteristics.Old stainless steel products and life-expired stainless steel machines no longer in use are scrapped and recycled.

Important as rare metals

Nickel (Ni) and chromium (Cr) contained in stainless steel are generally said to be high in scarcity value. These metals are defined as rare metals in Japan. It can be said that they are metal resources of high material recycle importance.

Working with Metal One Corporation and the Metal One Group to contribute to the upstream area through to the downstream area of the stainless value chain.

Metal One Stainless Raw Materials Corporation makes maximum use of its know-how on stainless steel scraps and the Metal One Group’s advantage of scale. As a company playing a key role in the stainless value chain at the start and end of the material flow that ranges from the upstream area to the downstream area of the stainless value chain, Metal One Stainless Raw Materials Corporation contributes to the stable supply of stainless steel materials that can be recycled by 100%.

effrots for safety,security and environment

Metal One Stainless Raw Materials Corporation has been implementing its safety and health management regulations and crisis management regulations as a commitment to the safety maintenance of its customers and employees and the establishment of a comfortable working environment.


  1. We comply with laws and regulations related to the safety of vehicles and equipment and implement appropriate management in accordance with voluntary standards established.
  2. We allocate a staff member in charge of advocating safety and health on each major worksite to ensure work safety on a daily basis.
  3. We hold a safety and health promotion conference on a quarterly basis, where we exchange opinions on labor accident case studies, the health maintenance of employees, and the promotion of work environment improvements.
  4. We acquire knowledge and skills of health and safety, and conduct education and training for labor accident prevention.

Radioactivity detection equipment

Efforts toward the proper disposal of valuable recyclable resources

Stainless steel is an ideal material for recycling. As one of our efforts toward the proper disposal of this valuable recyclable resource, we introduced detection equipment to each of our major worksites. The load on each vehicle passing the security gate is inspected in order to prevent the intrusion of radioactive materials into recycling resources.

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